Whether you live down here permanently or you are planning a relaxing vacation—a boat trip is a must in the Virgin Islands! When faced with the many boat options you have it may feel like a bit of a daunting task—but have no fear, Sea Glass Properties is here to give you expert recommendations and tips on where to go for your lavish day in the sun.

What you are looking for: A little bit of sport—Maybe some fishing?
-What you need: A sport fishing vessel
-Options: The Fishizzle
-What you get: Captain Mike will make sure that you get the trip you are looking for. Being an experienced fisherman hismself, he is the expert and qualified to teach you all about the marine life that you will encounter.
-Location: Marina Compass, St. Thomas

What you are looking for: A relaxing day in the sun—You don’t even want to lift a finger

-What you need: A yacht charter
-Options for great yacht charters: The Moorings
-What you get: A fully provisioned yacht that takes care of all of your needs while you dock in the exotic BVI’s, or wherever you wish to go!
-Location: Yacht Haven Grande, St. Thomas
What you are looking for: The basics: transportation from one “rock” to another
-What you need: a dinghy!
-Options: Low Key Watersports
-What you get: Boats come with a 50hp engine and maps and can accommodate up to 4 people. No experience required!
-Location: Cruz Bay, St. John
What you are looking for: Speed, sights, and sound
-What you need: a center-console
-Options: The Nauti Nymph
-What you get: Lots of fun as you can reach some soaring speeds on these boats. Be prepared for the option of loud tunes, and a rum and coke
-Location: Red Hook Plaza, St. Thomas
What you are looking for: A refreshing sail into the sunset
-What you need: a sailboat or catamaran
-Options for great sails: The Kekoa
-What you get: An authentic day of sailing & exploring the BVI that is full of snorkeling, beach- combing and relaxing—of course.
-Location: Cruz Bay, St. John

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