Secret. Seductive. Secluded.
In all the world no waters equal those of the Caribbean. Alluring. Gentle. Beguiling.

There is a mystique shrouded in a thousand shades of blue. This idyllic sea, a comfortable distance from civilization has for centuries enchanted natives and travelers alike. And among the many jewels in this treasured string of isles, rests a pristine preserve at the far West End of St. Thomas. Overlooking two half moon beaches, with waves gently lapping at the shore, where a steel drum floats on the breeze – there may be no better place to watch the sun slowly slip below the horizon. On this fabled isle, paradise begins. Introducing The Preserve at Botany Bay…
The Villas
The Preserve at Botany Bay is a protected, 397-acre enclave at the secluded West End of St. Thomas in the U.S. Virgin Islands. In this perfect and pristine world, where the tiny islands of Salt Cay reach out to sea, an intimate and luxurious resort is taking shape.
Imagine if you will the new Villas at Botany Bay. Crowning the pinnacle of the property, they enjoy all the amenities of a five-star boutique hotel and luxury residence club, including a waterfront spa and a beach club.
The gentle caress of a breeze, then the soft rustle of a palm. The quiet roll of a coral blue wave lapping talcum sands. Long arms of bougainvillea inching around the cool stones of a forgotten sugar mill. Here, on this majestic island within an island, souls are nourished, nature is preserved, and the world is at bay.
At Botany Bay, homeowners will enjoy a wealth of luxury services and amenities. Fresh flowers from the property and delicacies from the island anticipate arrival. The refrigerator and pantry are stocked. Daily housekeeping, a personal chef upon request and airport transportation are offered. Always at the ready is the property’s concierge to attend to reservations for charters, dining and unique island experiences. On property there will be pools, a fitness and beachfront wellness spa and dining venues. There is biking, hiking, diving and snorkeling and guided day trips – everything to make life in this tropical idyll a vision of paradise, perfected.
The history of St. Thomas is steeped in rich and colorful hues with elements of the past still visible in the present. From the time the first settlers arrived from South America to modern day life, the Spanish, French, Dutch, English – even pirates and buccaneers – have flown their flags over St. Thomas soil. Thus, the culture is a tapestry of West Indian sensuality, European grace and Caribbean charm.
Excavations have uncovered rock drawings and a prehistoric village, indicating that the Botany Bay site was first settled long ago. However, the area remained largely unoccupied until the early 18th century, when several sugarcane plantations were established. They eventually consolidated and became the Botany Bay Plantation, the ruins of which include a factory building, curing house, animal mill and domestic structures. These ruins remain preserved on the property’s slopes and beach.
Sensitive to the island’s natural environment, inhabitants and history, The Preserve at Botany Bay is committed to developing responsibly, ensuring that we fit in as a new member of the larger community. We are working with archaeologists, botanists and local historians so this treasured site will not only be sustained, but also evolve as a place of discovery for generations to come.
We have taken many steps to ensure low-impact development, paying rigorous attention to architectural design and landscaping, focusing on erosion- and sediment-control measures during construction, and preserving architectural ruins throughout all phases of development. This environmental awareness is more than something our members and owners expect-it’s part of who we are.