Sometimes people moving to the islands are so concerned about their housing, they forget to plan for schooling. The good news is, when it comes to private education on St. Thomas, there are several good choices. The first school I mention to families is Antilles School. And here’s why. College prep. Virtually every student who graduates from Antilles goes on to college or university. The school employs a full time college counselor who succeeds each year in placing students in the right school for their needs and skills, and hardly a year goes by that some students don’t wind up in the Ivy League. Antilles prepares children well. And, they begin preparing them as early as age 2.
The school’s student-centered early childhood program is both comprehensive and cuddly! The students learn a range of developmental and academic skills in a nurturing, gentle environment. Young children progress at very different paces, and a good school recognizes and encourages that. Antilles included.
By the time they’re in high school, Advanced Placement classes challenge the brightest in a wide range of academic areas. Meanwhile, the arts are supported by dedicated studios from early years on up, and a recently constructed performing arts theater gives teenage drama a whole new name! The school has a large, two- story library with up-to-date technology and knowledgeable full-time librarians. And when it comes to athletics, there’s a huge gymnasium, a state-of-the-art fitness center, and a large field for everything from football to softball to track.
Visit the school’s webiste: and learn more about it. Or email me! As the former director of admission for the school, and the parent of three Antilles children, I love to talk about the benefits of an Antilles education!