It’s funny, but even as a real estate professional, the most obvious things that I should be able to overlook I struggle to ignore.  For instance, when I walk into that newly listed home for sale and discover a crusty bathroom sink and a pile of clothes on the bedroom floor, I know that doesn’t really affect the value of a home.  But it will affect a buyer’s perception of the home’s value.  There are so many ways that sellers can help to ensure the best possible price for their home, without installing granite countertops and travertine floors. Clean. And then clean again. Now, get a quart of paint and dab that windowsill back to white. And, in preparing to list your home, if your Realtor arrives with his or her own camera, think twice. Marketing these days is more and more about the internet, and the internet offers pictures.  If your Realtor isn’t good with a camera, you may wind up with poorly exposed, even blurry photos as the “enticement” to draw house hunters to your property.  When selecting a Realtor, find out if the services he or she offers include a professional photographer. Personally, my listings are professionally rendered – at my expense. It’s a standard we endorse at Sea Glass Properties, and it means results.  And by the way – we’ll  make sure that when we schedule appointments you’ll have plenty of time to sort out that bathroom counter and fold those clothes before we bring a potential buyer through your door!
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