Magen's BayOne of the natural wonders of this island and perhaps the world is Magen’s Bay. This gorgeous 3/4 mile stretch of beach is both open and sheltered at the same time. The Magen’s Bay Authority keeps the beach in great condition all year long. It is truly a natural wonder. There is no wonder so many people who come here once want to stay forever.
The Authority works diligently to maintain the pristine natural beauty of the park as well as accommodate the many people who love this place. The facilities, though rustic, are well maintained. The food center and bar are always bustling and ready to encourage merry making on the beach. If you get a chance, you might also want to make a trip into the gift shop filled with clothes and wide array of memorabilia.
If you you decide to spend a day on these white sands or floating in the crystal clear water, you will be transported. The stress of the world will melt off as you watch the rhythmic back and forth of the ocean and enjoy the laid-back atmosphere. It just oozes good times from its pores.
You will often see weddings, parties, or social gatherings in the pavilions along the beachside. The last couple of weeks there have been water skiers out in the bay which has been fun to watch. I love to watch people having a great time and I love to go for long walks along the beach. That’s why this place is so right for me. When its been a long week, it’s such a pleasure to make it down to Magen’s and let the stress wash off.
Living here, in St Thomas, has it’s perks and Magen’s Bay is one of the things I always look forward to. When it’s a bit stormy like it was today I think of Magen’s Bay and can’t wait for the next time. It would be great to see you there with a smile on your face. I know I’ll be smiling. I just can’t help it.
See you there.
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