What do you get when you mix Italy, Belgium and St. Thomas?  You get the Pie Whole. And it’s located in….Frenchtown, just west of downtown Charlotte Amalie.  Pie Whole is a cozy yet bustling, restaurant with fewer than six tables (two are booths) all of which are usually full.  When that’s the case, you hop a bar stool.  And there, you order from dozens of Belgian beers, while awaiting a crispy thin-crust pizza from the brick oven that’s on fire in the corner of the room.  Pasta dishes and salads round out the menu, whose prices, for St. Thomas, are pretty darn good.  The atmosphere is light – literally and in terms of congeniality. It’s always a pleasure to walk in and seldom is the fare been disappointing. St. Thomas may be a small island, but life here can be expansive – that’s not a misspelling.  Pie Whole is a slice of New York City on the south shore of a Caribbean island. And that’s just one fun dining spot of many!  Make the move and start exploring the pleasures of living in the Virgin Islands!

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