The Island Green Building Association (IGBA) will have a public presentation on Wednesday, February 9th at The Marketplace on St. John, 2nd floor.  Refreshments begin at 5:00 pm with speaker from 5:30-6:30 pm.
Dr. Barry Devine, resident scientist and author of “Island Peak to Coral Reef, The Plant and Marine Communities of the Virgin Islands”, will give a presentation based on his popular book which he uses to demonstrate the connectivity between land and sea—and why the way we build on land effects the future of all living things on St. John—including us!  Learn how everyone’s actions play a part in every ecosystem around us and how sustainable building and living today can safeguard our island quality of life for tomorrow.  Visitors, locals, home owners and home builders alike will see the island through new eyes after Dr. Devine’s presentation.
All are welcome to this free seminar. Call 227-1110 for more information.
For more infomation on property in the USVI, please contact Jennie Rosenberg at, or 340.690.4903.