The best time to get ready for a storm is well before the winds blow & the pounding rain comes.  With hurricane season now upon us, the best time to prepare is now.  Here are several useful reminders on steps you can take to protect your home and belongings, and to begin the process of repair and/or replace should a loss occur.
     Protecting Your Property

  • Review your insurance coverage with your insurance agent to ensure it is adequate & verify any windstorm deductibles.
  • Take photos of your residence both inside and out, before the start of hurricane season or before a storm hits. Make sure you get clear photos of each room of the house that show the appliances and furniture in each. Take photos of your personal belongings that may require special insurance coverage. Make two copies of the pictures, one for you and one for the insurance adjuster.
  • Create an inventory of your possessions and store it in a secure place other than your residence.  If your belongings are damaged, this list will help in filing a claim.
  • Clear brush and remove dead branches and trees to reduce the amount of debris that could be blown around by storm winds.

     If Your Home is Damaged

  • Take precautions for your personal safety & comply with orders of local emergency management authorities.
  • Notify you insurance agent as soon as possible. Secure you premises before evacuating & provide your agent with contact information
  • Photograph damaged property and take notes describing the damage.  Along with your inventory, these will help your agent and adjuster assess the damage for your claim.
  • Temporary repairs may be authorized to protect against further damage. Check with your agent before commencing with repairs. Keep all receipts for repair work done on your property. 

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