We have added a few new features to our site to enhance your experience while searching for homes:
#1. New Listings display on the homepage: view the newest listings on the market from St. Thomas, St. John, St. Croix, and Water Island. You can also click here:
#2. Puerto Rico and BVI listings coming soon! We have added the ability to search listings throughout Puerto Rico and the British Virgin Islands. Over the next couple of weeks keep an eye out on new listings! Check it out!
#3. My favorite new feature: We’ve added the ability to browse “most viewed” listings. Click on “sort by” at the top of the listings to view “most viewed last week” and “most viewed this month” Try it out! 
#4. Water Island was added to the homepage. Take a quick look at Water Island Real Estate for sale by clicking the Water Island box in the quick search field. Click here to go to the homepage.
#5. We’ve added a “BLOG” button to our mobile website. Take a look at www.
Keep an eye on other great new tools coming in the near future!

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