Moving, Packing & Shipping to USVI

Moving, Packing & Shipping to USVI

Moving, packing & shipping to the USVI is not the nightmare you might be imagining. Here at Sea Glass, we have all the tips and information on how to make your move to the USVI stress-free!

What about moving for seasonal or temporary USVI residents?

If you plan on being here for a couple of months or during the winter you do not need to move everything from your stateside home.  Most of the rental properties on the market are furnished or semi-furnished likewise, most of the homes on the market are furnished or semi-furnished.  We recommend packing up your personal belongings like clothes, linens, and of course items that have sentimental value. The climate here is tropical and open-air living is very common therefore, your stuff is exposed to the salt air and humidity which causes wear and tear faster. Before moving, consider having a yard sale. For the more important furnishings consider having a family member hold on to them or a climate-controlled storage unit.

Quick Tip!

Check with your airlines, sometimes it is cheaper when flying to the Virgin Islands to upgrade to first class which will have your bags checked in for free, rather than spending on baggage fees

How should I ship small items to the USVI?

We recommend using The US Postal Service- with flat rate priority shipping boxes in sizes small, medium, and large if it fits you can ship it! Use these to pack heavy dishes, books, tools, and pictures remember if it fits it ships.  Since the boxes are priority rated they arrive in a relatively timely manner.

How should I ship bigger items to the USVI?

For bigger items pack them on heavy-duty boxes or storage crates to ship them thru the post office. Postage cost will vary amongst states so check with your local post office. This is a great option if you do not have a household of stuff to ship. Each box can weigh no more than 70 pounds. These boxes do not ship priority, they ship standard post so expect them to take 3-6 weeks to arrive here in the VI.

What moving tips do you have for permanent relocations to the USVI?

You will want to look into companies that ship large amounts of cargo. You can get quotes from different companies to find the one that will best suit your moving needs. Below are some of our recommendations.

Blue Ocean Transport

Shipping Company

Phone: 305. 428.2735

“We are a licensed ocean shipping company specializing in transporting cargo from between the U.S. Mainland & the Virgin Islands. We ship Commercial Cargo, Household Goods & Vehicles. These include the shipment of Full Containers, Pallets, Boxes, Crates, Cars, Boats, Heavy Equipment & Machinery. We offer a comprehensive shipping service, including the pickup of cargo from their origin, ocean freight services, documentation, and insurance. Our management has over 20 years of shipping experience to the Caribbean that will benefit you. Please call us or email to answer your questions or provide you with a free quote on your shipment.” 

International Logistics Solutions

Personalized & Professional Logistics Solutions

Phone: 340. 244.0519

“Welcome to the Virgin Islands! We’re happy that you are thinking about joining us here and that you’re doing some homework ahead of time. With over thirty years of experience in shipping to the Virgin Islands, International Logistics Solutions is well prepared to assist you in your move. Your relocation here can be stressful, we can take away some of that stress. If you are moving your car, your boat, your entire household or just a few boxes, we can make it less painful. Please drop us an email or give us a call and we will get right back to you!”

Tropical Shipping

Celebrating 50 Years of Shipping Service

Phone: 561.881.3971

“Tropical Shipping made its maiden voyage to Freeport in 1963, with its landing craft the MV Tropic Ace, carrying machinery and building supplies. Today, Tropical operates ships from Canada and South Florida to The Bahamas and Caribbean, as well as providing inter-island transportation services throughout the region. Our customers transport everything imaginable – and we handle it all, from small packages to millions of tons of grocery products and building materials.”