We all know that the current real estate market is flooded with inventory making competition tougher than ever.  We also know that economic times are particularly tight and property owners are hesitant to spend big dollars on remodels.  But don’t despair, there are several easy and inexpensive solutions to spruce up that outdated kitchen or bath without breaking the bank and allowing your home to stand out against the competition.
Countertops – Everyone loves granite, but not everyone has a granite sized budget.  However, there are great new products on the market which let you paint over your laminate, wood, or ceramic tile counters to achieve a granite-like appearance.  These kits are relatively inexpensive, about $50, and are a weekend do-it-yourself project.  For examples and more information go to www.gianigranite.com.  If you have existing ceramic tile surfaces in the kitchen in bath, having the grout cleaned or painted will also make a huge difference.
Cabinets – There’s no need to rip out and replace perfectly good wood cabinetry just because the color or hardware is dated.  It’s amazing the difference that updated hardware can make, and this is another great do-it-yourself weekend project.  Additionally, if your cabinets are in good shape but the color or finish is lackluster, break out the sand paper and paint and you’ve got yourself of whole new kitchen.
Fixtures – Are those brass fixtures dating your home?  Then go to your local home improvement box store and for as little as $20 you can update that bathroom.  Another quick way to enhance your bathrooms appeal without doing a complete remodel is to replace those old plate glass mirrors with a framed one for a more sophisticated look.  Remember, when replacing fixtures, make sure you stay with the same color and finish for a cohesive pulled together look.
Surfaces – Is that pink bath tub causing potential buyers to walk out the door?  Before you rip that tub or pea green sink out, consider refinishing them.  Local big box home improvement stores sell dyi resurfacing kits for around $20 and this project can be accomplished in a weekend.  There are also professional companies to can hire for a few hundred dollars if you don’t want to tackle this one on your own as there are some harsh chemicals involved.
Appliances – Popping for an entire suite of matching appliances is often not in the home seller’s budget, but just like that pink bathtub, you can take your mismatched appliances and paint them all the same color.  These appliance paints come in white, black and stainless steel, cost around $20 and can be found at your local paint or home improvement store.
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