Whether you are looking for a new home and need a place to stay while doing so, or you want to rent indefinitely—renting a home in St. Thomas is the standard route for new islanders. Here is some simple (and maybe obvious) advice to start off our “Renting in the VI” sequence.
1.) Make sure to do your research. If you are currently looking for a home, more than likely you are way past this step; however, you would be surprised at the amount of people who have not done their proper research before making the big move.  For proper preparation, be sure to arrange for a pre-arrival visit (especially if you have not been to the island before).
2.) Use your resources: Craigslist, the library, linkedin, etc etc. Anything you can use to connect with individuals who live on the island and may be so kind to give you some advice. Before I moved I was fortunate enough to be able to connect to a woman (through her blog) who had been living on the island for a few years. She gave me vital tips on island life such as areas I might like to live in, where to look for jobs, how to find a car, where to shop etc.  Do not be scared to ask for help!
3.) Look at the local real estate companies’ websites to see what kind of apartments/condos/houses are on the market. Many of the agencies have great search engines that allow for a good amount of customization so you can easily narrow down on the properties that you are looking for.
4.) Be open-minded. The Virgin Islands may not necessarily be in any way similar to what you are used to and where you are like where you are moving from. It is not for everyone, but if you are already looking into it, chances are you are looking for the lifestyle, change of pace, and scenery that you can find here. Also, don’t forget—just because some things may “move slower” in the VI that it does not mean that everything moves slower. St. Thomas is a bustling island with a lot to do, rich culture, and plenty of opportunity.
Stay tuned for our posts next week all about moving to the Virgin Islands!
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